Working with Boltmade

We work with companies of all shapes and sizes, from startups bringing new ideas to life to enterprises releasing products with global impact. Boltmade’s “secret sauce” is an engagement model based on proven principles of building successful products.

Plan for understanding

Anyone who has built software knows that change is inevitable. Perhaps your business sets new priorities, your competitors make a surprising move, or you unearth an opportunity you can’t ignore. Over time, the thing that truly changes is understanding. So it’s no surprise that at Boltmade, we don’t just expect this — we plan for it. We believe that when things change, it’s almost always because they should.

Boltmade gives you the flexibility to do the right thing as we build and learn together. We recognize there are many possible paths to the same goal and that the best choice often emerges as a project — and a product — evolves. So don’t worry about cleaning house before the maid arrives! We’re comfortable starting with ambiguous requirements. Our methods promote learning through partnership and mitigate risk by communicating early and often.

Get the control you need to stick the landing

Although we’re comfortable with ambiguity in product requirements, our engagement is always clear. Boltmade projects are highly predictable with a clear sense of time, budget, and outcome. Need to release a new feature in time for a trade show? Have a specific budget to launch version one of your product? Done. The scope of a particular solution may emerge over time — but you’ll have unparalleled visibility, control, and confidence.

Boltmade is an agile development shop that manages work on a rhythm of weekly “sprints”. We meet at a recurring time each week to review what was accomplished in the current sprint and to set concrete objectives for the next. Your participation in this process provides continuous feedback and ensures no surprises. It’s also how we adapt to an ever-evolving understanding of how best to hit the target together.

Enjoy access to the full team

When you work with Boltmade, you’re hiring the whole bench — not just specific people. While we do assign a core team for continuity, we encourage you to think of plugging into a wider “virtual team” of people with a rich set of skills and experience. Over the life of any project, the core team will consult widely across Boltmade, making the broader expertise of the company readily available as needed.

Moreover, the makeup of a core team may change over the course of a project in response to its evolving needs. For example, your project may begin with a spike of user research and design, or with a particular technical problem to solve. We’ll pull in the right people at that time, then adapt later as new challenges arise. This flexibility and breadth of expertise enables us to manage personnel changes while maintaining the highest quality of service.


Web & Mobile Development

Ruby on Rails, iOS, Android, JavaScript, HTML + CSS, Node.js, Java, Haskell

Web & Mobile Design

Design Sprints, User Experience and Interaction Design, Visual Design, Illustration

User Experience Research & Design

Product Strategy, Discovery Workshops, User Interviews, Usability Testing

Cloud & Data Development

Design and build for performance, scale, big data and machine learning. API design and implementation.