Launched a matching system for real estate buyers and sellers to find an agent they trust

Fivewalls helps home buyers and sellers to find real estate agents with the right expertise. Having now expanded into Kitchener-Waterloo, London, Cambridge, and Guelph in Southwestern Ontario, they are building a community where local real estate agents can best represent themselves and connect with the right customers.

Creating a better approach to real estate

Fivewalls first came to Boltmade with an idea that was well-supported by market research with real estate agents and potential customers. We helped them to refine their model, learn more about potential users, and create both sides of their new marketplace for an initial launch while they focused on building an internal team.

We worked with the Fivewalls advisory board to quickly get up to speed on the real estate market from both sides: that of potential buyers/sellers and real estate agents. With access to top agents in the region, we developed personas and use cases that defined how these users could best be served and what was lacking in the market today.


By conducting research with potential buyers and sellers, we developed a model for matching and creating trust between them and potential real estate agents. Having developed this matching model, we designed interactions for both types of users to find a match in a fun and trustworthy way. We also assisted Fivewalls in developing their brand and their product voice.


At the same time, our developers introduced and championed an agile development process to create the Fivewalls app using Ruby on Rails, Go, PostgreSQL and Elasticsearch. This allowed our non-technical client to stay in control of the process and feel confident in our ability to execute on his vision. We also helped Fivewalls find a permanent development hire and worked directly with them along the way, so at the end of the engagement they were fully prepared to take over product development.


Fivewalls launched in one region in Southwestern Ontario, then quickly spread to two more regions. Our work helped them to refine an idea and translate it into a well-understood and functioning product, while providing their development team with a solid platform and process on which to extend and evolve the feature set.

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