Built and launched an MVP of a "digital punchlist" to ease the pain of construction project management

Bridgit’s innovative mobile and web software helps construction contractors, engineering consultants, architects, and others easily track and manage project work. Since their launch in 2014, Bridgit has won numerous awards such as Google Demo Day and raised $2.2 million ($1.7 million USD) in a seed funding round. When they were first starting out, Bridgit’s founders turned to Boltmade for help in bringing their product to market.

Quickly getting an initial release into customers’ hands

Bridgit knew that for their mobile solution, they needed an iOS app that anyone could download from the app store. Starting from a long list of feature requests, functionality, and feedback based on Bridgit’s proof of concept, we quickly built a minimum viable product (MVP) that they could show investors and sell to customers.

Building on their existing prototypes and research, we wireframed and created designs to work well on both iPhones and iPads. We created a visual style that looked professional and consistent across the web and iOS platforms — and which felt appropriate as a tool for the construction industry.

Developers from Bridgit and Boltmade worked closely with our designers in weekly sprints. When we discovered the iOS app needed Ruby on Rails APIs and views that didn’t exist yet on the web application, we added them.


Our MVP release provided Bridgit with the foundation they needed to move their company forward. They had a working product they could show investors and sell to customers. Importantly, we also helped to instill an agile process and culture in their young but growing development team, who has since taken the product to a new level of greatness!

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