Designed and prototyped an easy way for businesses to manage their network infrastructure

Auvik Networks has recently been named one of the top disruptors and innovators in the IT channel. Their software as a service (SaaS) application gives businesses visibility, control, and automation of network infrastructure. We first met them as they were raising their Series-A round of funding, when they came to Boltmade for help with designing the initial user experience for their revolutionary network management application.

Rapidly prototyping concepts to get customer feedback

We quickly ramped up on Auvik’s product strategy and direction, and used several whiteboard sessions to clarify the central themes of their application. We then created a series of wireframes and low-fidelity prototypes that enabled key scenarios and allowed Auvik to quickly get feedback from prospective customers just a few weeks after starting. Based on what we learned, we built a working prototype in Rails that incorporated an initial visual design and that allowed for experimentation with both the UX and the technical approach.


Auvik was able to take what we designed and prototyped, and transform it into a working product. The visual design, information architecture, and navigation model for the web application, as well as repurposed HTML, CSS, and JS components from the working prototype, were used in the eventual application built on Scala, Akka, and Play.

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