A company’s visual style guide helps the brand stay consistent across a variety of mediums. When starting to design visual aspects of a product, it’s important to have and follow one. Typically, a style guide would include guidelines for the use of typography, photography, how the brand’s logo should or shouldn’t be used, or even voice and tone of the copy. One of our favourite examples is the Skype Brand Book.

Often, new companies we work with don’t have a visual style guide yet, so we work with them to get the ball rolling. We start by talking with the client to understand their brand and vision. We’ll also do some competitive analysis to help determine where the brand should be positioned, visually. Then we establish a colour palette together. Since we’ve all been looking at different colours since childhood, it’s an easy way to quickly establish broad feelings towards the visual design.

A colour palette outlines a selection of primary and complementary colours, along with shades and variations that are intended to represent the product and/or brand. Since the selection process usually requires many iterations, we’ve built our own Sketch template to help us automate the process.

Colour palette

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